Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is captured in our logo

The inspiration behind our Delphi Academy logo
Delphi Academy Logo is inspired by Delphi City, Oracles of Delphi and Pythia. The logo captures Pythia as she would present her oracles during a state of the frenzy caused by vapours rising from a crack in the rock on which the temple had been built”. Vapours/Steam in Greek is “pneuma”, which also means spirit. That makes us think about the relationship between body, soul and mind, and how their interaction is fundamental for our learning process, which led to three elements: 1) the column (representing the Greek temple, but also the “body”), the physical part, 2) the steam (representing the “inspiration” of Pythia, but also the “spirit”) and 3) the laurel wreath (representing the Academy, the mind embracing body and spirit).


*Thanks to our designer Barbara for her inspiration.