Learning Leaders Award

All types of organisations, sectors and individuals

Delphi Academy has exclusive rights to use the renowned LDO Model developed by Professor Jeff Gold and Dr. Alaa Garad based on 16 years of research and analysis of best practice in the field of Organisational Learning. Categories of the award include:

  • Organisational Award
    • Best Learning Organisation
    • Best Learning & Development Unit
    • Best Learning Project
    • Best Knowledge Sharing Organisation
  • Individual Awards:
    • CEO of The Year (Drucker Award)
    • Best Chief Learning Officer (Da Vinci Award)
    • Best Learning Employee
    • Best Learning Manager
    • Best Mentor
  • Technology
    • Best Learning App
    • Best LMS
    • Best Learning-Facilitating Website
  • International recognition
  • Free self-assessment
  • Membership in European Learning Network
  • Application to the award will be totally online.
  • Site visit will be organised for the shortlisted organisations.