Innovation Retreats

Senior and Middle Management in Public, Private and Third Sector

  • Helping organisations to learn best practice through planned visit to best-in-class organisations in the UK and other countries. These innovation retreats are associated with a series of lectures and workshops with universities. Participants receive certificates of attendance. Sightseeing and cultural visits are organised during the retreat. Target audiences are from Asia, Africa and Middle East.

    • The retreat is planned for one week.
    • Could be extended to two weeks based on request.
    • Ideal number of delegates in the one batch 12-16
  • Knowledge
  • Networking
  • Access to Best Practice Bank
  • Certificate of Participation from DA and Partner University
  • Working with travel agency partners in the UK and overseas to facilitate all logistics.
  • Collaboration with local authorities such as Visit Scotland.
  • Partner with academic partners to engage in delivery.
  • Partner with academic partners to engage in delivery.