COLP Diploma

Certified Organisational Learning Professional Diploma The first and only professional Diploma in Organizational Learning

Why to join COLP

COLP ® is the outcome of a 19 years project lead by Professor Jeff Gold and Dr Alaa Garad. This world-class training will help you to

  1. Discover your best methods of learning
  2. Productize your knowledge and make income out of it
  3. Enhance your employability and market brand
  4. Contribute more effectively to your workplace.
  5. Succeed in your startup if you decide to establish one
  6. Cope with the life pressures and stress
  7. Become healthier, wealthier and happier
  8. Help organizations to realize their visions through learning #
  9. Solve problems and achieve targets.
  10. Learn how to spend quality time with your beloved ones

Diploma Topics:

  1. Organizational Learning Culture OLC
  2. Types of Learning
  3. Measuring Learning
  4. Learning Through Reflection (RFL)
  5. Learning Through Mentoring (MNT)
  6. Cross-Training (CRT)
  7. After Action Review (AARs)
  8. Learning Circles (LCRs)
  9. Problem Solving Teams (PSTs)
  10. Benchmarking (BMK)
  11. Suggestion Schemes (SUG)
  12. Feedback Loops (FBL)
  13. Developing Individual Learning Strategy
  14. Developing Business Learning Strategy